Positive Energy provides consultancy services on European climate and energy policy

Our mission is to help accelerate the transition to a more positive energy future.

The energy transition

While energy has allowed societies to develop and flourish through the centuries, today we know that the way we produce, transport and use energy cannot be sustained indefinitely without avoiding negative impacts on people and planet.


Positive Energy works to accelerate the transition to a new, brighter energy future, one that is compatible with increased societal prosperity and well-being.

Firstly, energy not consumed.

Massive opportunities exist to obtain the service desired (moving from A to B; home warmth and comfort; etc.) using less energy than we do today. This saves money and often comes with multiple other benefits (reduced pollution, better health, increased energy security, etc.).

Secondly, energy from renewable sources.

Through the centuries, we have become extremely good at ‘burning things’. The time has come to start seizing the biggest fire we know (the Sun) and its associated sources of energy (wind, waves, water currents, etc).

Last but not least, the optimism and attitude of our own team.

By embodying the positive future in our own work, we help spread and accelerate the transition. We aim to be the change we want to see in the World.

“Societal prosperity and energy transition are not at odds. As a matter of fact, I don’t think we can have the former without the latter”


Francisco R. Zuloaga

Positive Energy supports Governmental bodies, private companies and non-profits working to bring about a more positive energy future.


We help our partners develop advocacy strategies; conduct research; fundraise; communicate on energy and climate issues, etc.

Highlights from our first two years include:

Advising the advocacy strategy of Europe’s main philanthropic organisation dedicated to fighting climate change.

Writing a successful bid for a multi-million European project under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme on behalf of a group of companies, environmental NGOs and consumer organisations.

Establishing on-going collaborations with influential non-profits, innovative companies and specialised media in the field of energy and climate.



Positive Energy is run and owned by Francisco R. Zuloaga

Positive Energy is run by Francisco R. Zuloaga.

Francisco counts on years of experience in European climate and energy policy gained working for both businesses and civil society organisations in Brussels, the heart of the European Union’s policy-making. Prior to that, Francisco worked in several research and engineering positions. He holds engineering degrees from top universities on both sides of the Atlantic. He is fluent in Spanish, English and French. You can see his full CV here.

Today, Francisco puts this experience and skills, as well as his own positive energy, at the service of those working to bring about a brighter energy future. It is both an urgent and important task.


+33 (0) 651 808 717  |  frzuloaga@positive-energy.eu